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Backpacking in Iraq.

Leave your misconceptions at the border.

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Who dropped a bomb of modern?

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Suuria, Syria

Note to self: Middle East in Summer is hot.

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Sorry Mum.. I’m in Iraq

Throwing caution to the wind.

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Roma espress-o

Pizza, Pasta, and this thing.

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I’m not sure about romantic, but overcrowded and smelly definitely come to mind.

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Ljubljana [lub-lee-ahna], is the capital of Slovenia. But you knew that right?

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Ios, beyond the party

Get up before 11am and see what you’ve been missing out on.

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Santorini – Sight – Seein’

Canada: “Wow Matt! I’ve never seen waves that big” ..

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the Pink Palace

Welcome to the Pink Palace, I hope you left your dignity on the ferry.

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