Khandela Haveli (and Jaipur).

We were quite excited about our time in Jaipur, gateway to the wild west of Rajasthan, Amber Fort and an old city that’s completely pink, but when we were dropped off at Khandela Haveli (, we had something else to be excited about..

Khandela Haveli, Jaipur - India

I’ve stayed at some seriously nice places over the years, but Khandela Haveli possibly takes the cake.
For starters, officially labeled ‘A Heritage Boutique Hotel’ it more realistically felt like a Palace.
Silk Carpets, Hand-Blown Chandeliers, original Rajasthani artworks, Stained Glass, Tilled everything, Swimming Pool on the roof, someone to carry your bags, someone to open the door, someone to bring you drinks, everywhere you looked there was incredible detail and service.

Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India - Bathroom

Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India - Bedroom

Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India - Day Bed

Instantly our Jaipur agenda changed, when exposed to this much luxury there is only one thing you can really do, live it up!

We attempted to see the sites of Jaipur, but countless glances at each other as our driver announced the next destination we’re met with the same thought, “lets get back to the Palace!”
Our full day sightseeing was condensed into a few hours and that was fine with us.

Snake Charmer - Jaipur, India

Fort - Jaipur, India

this sucks - Jaipur, India

girl gets mauled - Jaipur, India

Material Printing Stamping - Jaipur, India

Hand made carpets - Jaipur, India

Jaipur, India

Thumbs Up! India

Back at the Palace
Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India

Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India Mamiya

Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India

Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India

Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India

Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India

Khandela Haveli - Jaipur, India Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Happy Girl Laugh Rooftop Cute Sunset

With dinner on the roof, a private Puppet theater show, and the most incredible Indian food I’ve had to date, our stay in Jaipur comes to a close, and as to does our time in India.

For the great recommendation and booking, Thanks Destination India! ( and Khandela Haveli, Thanks for everything, we never knew such luxury in India even existed.

4 Responses to “Khandela Haveli (and Jaipur).”

  1. 2 paula November 4, 2009 at 10:48 am

    gosh that was an awesome way to end the trip!

  2. 3 pram December 31, 2009 at 9:17 am


    my wife and i are from mauritius and we are thinking about spending 3 nights in jaipur in january.

    would you sincerely recommend kandela haveli to us?

    what about its cleanliness, security, privacy?

    and also what about its location?is it far from the city center and the main tourist attractions? how would you rate its location?

    do they arrange for some nice sightseeings?

    as you have stayed there could you please tell us a bit about the building?is it a real palace that has been converted into a hotel? how old is it? does the building have a history or its just an artificial and new building?

    we would appreciate a lot if you could provide us will some helpful tips.


  3. 4 Paul Dhaliwal January 18, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    Just got back from Japipur myself and stayed at Khandela Haveli. I would highly recommend it. This was the nicest place out of the few hotels that I saw in Jaipur.

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