Spokoyno Noche Moscow!

Just when they cleared the ice on the sidewalk near home, when I made some good friends, was shown the hidden cafes, and got the lab to scan my film correctly, my month in Moscow comes to an end.

The random chain of events that led me here definitely didn’t prepare me for the bitter cold that was to follow.
I began on what I thought was going to be a summer trip, and somehow ended up in one of the coldest place I could have possibly been.
Days of -26 Celsius (-15 F) and lower completely stretched my wardrobe in a backpack, and I was thankful that I hadn’t yet discarded my hiking boots from Everest.

But I feel like I’ve reached a milestone in my travels, this is the coldest I have ever been, and to have survived it with the gear that I had, and the tiny amount of preparation I could afford, I feel quite pleased with myself.

That said I won’t be doing it again any time soon, and as I head south, the days warm bit-by-bit, and en route for the endless Summer my Winters will eventually by over for the next couple of years.
I’m ditching cold weather possessions, soon the backpack will be empty again.

A few left overs from the Horizon.

If you have the opportunity to visit, and the patience to wade through the visa process, Moscow is a GREAT city to visit.
I was here 4 years ago and thought I saw most of it then, but this time has been a completely new experience and the longer I stayed, the more hidden gems I discovered.

Get a bit of Cyrillic down and you’ll breeze through the metro, don’t flash your camera about at the Red Square and the police wont even notice you, go to cafeterias where you can just point at your food and you’ll at least have some idea of what your eating.

Save your pennies though because things can be insanely expensive
– $15 for a Peach.
On the other hand, some things are the complete opposite
– Speeding ticket, 28km p/hr over, $15!
Go figure.

If you’re into Russian Art and Museums obviously there’s bunch of that, I’m more about flea markets and espresso which are plentiful as well.
However I was looking foward to seeing something at the Bolshoi Theatre but it was closed for renovations. Maybe next time.

The best Vodka you’ve ever tasted, $6 a bottle.

Thanks Moscow, its been, cold.

Where to next?


2 Responses to “Spokoyno Noche Moscow!”

  1. 1 Jodi February 15, 2010 at 4:57 am

    Come visit me in Canada – i’ll show you cold!

  2. 2 routinebitinghard February 19, 2010 at 11:30 am

    OoOoOohh. lets do canada.

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