The tourist epicenter of “Eastern” Europe.

Take a moment and look at a map of Europe, look at Portugal and look at the Caspian Sea.
Got it? Now look at where the Czech Republic is.
How the hell did Czech ever start getting called ‘Eastern’ Europe?

Contiki Tours just decided that (former) Yugoslav and Soviet Visa’s were too difficult to organize, so France is West, and Czech is East. ??

Who the fuck knows, but every whistle-stop Euro trip Backpacker on an Inter-rail pass will tell you, been to Prague? Been to Eastern Europe!

Orange Ways, 25 Euro return from Budapest!

With transport cheaper than a few beers, we went to hang out for the weekend.

I’d been to Prague before, but stayed with friends, and never rocked the hostel scene in the center. So this time was a little different.

I had completely forgotten how insanely crowded the Old Town is.
Total madness, I feel sorry for any Prague-ian(?) who has to deal with that area on a daily basis.
It must be like working in a zoo.
Hoards of people and tour groups everywhere, stopping and pointing at everything, clogging up the tiny little streets, every sign in English, and every shop selling “Czech Me Out” shirts.
Its more a ‘Old Town’ Theme Park than an actually functioning part of the city.

This isn’t all rant though, if you get beyond Old Town boundaries the city really turns it on.
Awesome cafe’s and bars, galleries and parks.
A good kick start is the Vice Guide to Prague, this will have you out and about in no time, kicking yourself you paid 5 Euro for a beer the night before, and snickering to yourself at your roomates that are going on the hostels organized pub crawl.

Camera: Mostly Lomo LCA, with a few digi’s spliced in.
Film: Agfa Visata 400 (Expired 2006)
Location: Prague – Czech Republic.
Photoshop: None on the Lomo, few tweaks on the digi.

Partner in crime.

People (and Pickpockets), loove this thing.

Completely tourist free because its beyond the boundaries of the visitors map, the aaaamazing DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.

Who cares what I think though, go to Prague and ‘Czech it out’ for yourself.

5 Responses to “Praha”

  1. 1 Sean O'Brien April 23, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    That work of art in the third picture from the bottom was hugely controversial when the Czech Republic held the EU presidency. Glad to see it being put to use elsewhere now.

  2. 2 Holly Appling April 26, 2010 at 11:26 pm

    I like the photos by the river especially, there seems something inately familiar yet a bit haunting to me about the views. Will like to ‘Czech’ out Praque too next time in Europe. Peace…

  3. 3 sebastienleban April 29, 2010 at 2:46 am

    Really impressive work, love it.
    I’ve discovered your blog in a Prag’s Hostel, maybe where you’ve been.
    I’ll follow up your blog by now 😉

  4. 4 Thomas Paine May 3, 2010 at 12:43 am

    Good tip about leaving the Old Town and the tourists behind. That pretty much works everywhere too. You’re right about Prague not being eastern geographically. It’s more due to CZ being behind the “Iron Curtain” back in the day so it’s more of a mindset type of thing.

  5. 5 .nevara June 5, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    Prague is my absolutely favorite place I have ever been. I love your film photos. And the true is, that Czech republic belongs to Central Europe, like Slovakia that I am from. (approximately 20 years ago it was one country called Czechoslovakia). I am a little bit indignant when someone thinks that Czech and Slovak republics belong to eastern Europe.
    You had very beautiful travel.
    Oh, when I look at your photos, I want to go there right now! 🙂

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