Shooting straight onto metal

A bit of personal work, these are some Tintypes that I did at the end of last year.

Tintypes (or Ferrotypes), are 1850’s process where the photograph is taken directly onto a sheet of metal in the camera, thus resulting in a negative image.

I love Alternative Process like this, the tactile-ness and magic of it, each shot is one-of-a-kind and totally unique.
(For a photography nerd) You can’t imagine what its like holding a piece of metal with a photo you just shot straight onto, its almost surreal. Everyone I have shown these to in real-life has been blown away.

Photography as a medium has been around for hundreds of years (depending on where you call the start), but digital has only really been around since 2000, still everyone is getting so caught up in the last 12 years of technology, all the amazing process before that have just been left to the wayside and quickly becoming obsolete.

I used a $50,000 Medium-Format Digital camera last week for a clients job, but there’s still no way that camera could produce results like this.

Every medium has its place, it would just be awesome if more clients were willing to experiment, because the results they could achieve would be truly magic.

Self Portrait

Tech –
I shot these on a Linhof Technika, and I used black trophy aluminum for for the tin.
Exposure times where around 8 seconds on an overcast day.
The varnish is a Lavender Oil / Gum Sandarac combination.

A few of my beloved cameras –

The Blad


The Trip

Time to put the iphone away eh?

2 Responses to “Tintypes”

  1. 2 Rose January 28, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Hello! I have just discovered Wet Plate Photography and have been searching through different techniques. Yet, I don’t have any idea what camera could take wet plate photography. I heard Polaroid (certain ones) can, but if anything which one were you using? That can help a lot.


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