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NtBd Studio Launch

Melbourne – Head over to NtBd Studio Launch, 21st July – aka TOMORROW!

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Strangers and Olives.

Opening Night at SOAL Gallery, Newcastle – Australia, 5th July 2012.

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Process and Workflow

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Havana, Cuba.

Just don’t tell immigration when you transit at LAX.

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Fleur Harris

The pencil is mightier than the sword mouse..

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On the news stand

Past, Present and Future.

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Kimbra – live at the Palais

Somebody that you could’ve known?

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(anti)Social Networking

Not one for prolonged computer time, I put this off as long as I could, but alas, business is business.

Be in the first half-a-million and LIKE my page now.

Personal Thanks.

Sunny Sundays

The last of Summer.

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J.Pan – part 2

Too many Asahi’s.

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