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When you hear about Pakistan in the media lately, you pretty much hear about one town, Peshawar.

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Lowari Pass

Pakistan, North West Frontier Province – There’s a road that runs between the towns of Peshawar and Chitral, on a good day you can make it in 9 hours, on a bad day it’ll take 14, and on a day like mine, you don’t get to make it at all.

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Disappearing Act

Where did the last few weeks go?
Snowed in at a mountain pass, towns with no electricity, towns with no internet, towns with no veggies.
4×4 only roads, blankets ontop of sleeping bags, nights of nearby gunfire, showers by candle light.
Riding on the back of too many trucks, wearing local getup and Madina Guest House Gilgit.
Multiple posts lined up and I’ll drip feed them when I can.

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Welcome to Pakistan, India finished.

“Welcome to Pakistan, India finished.”
The first words I hear as I cross the 100m no mans land at the border, arriving in Pakistan.

Welcome to Pakistan
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Tetris – level 29

Pieces of India that I couldn’t make fit –

New Delhi Train Station - India

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Khandela Haveli (and Jaipur).

We were quite excited about our time in Jaipur, gateway to the wild west of Rajasthan, Amber Fort and an old city that’s completely pink, but when we were dropped off at Khandela Haveli (, we had something else to be excited about..

Khandela Haveli, Jaipur - India

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the Taj.

Possibly our greatest day in India, the Taj was legit.

Agra, India - Taj Mahal, Hasselblad

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