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Locals gettin’ paid

If you kicked around Pahar Ganj long enough, you probably came across this guy.
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Destination India

One of the more confusing things when in Delhi is trying to arrange your onwards travel, and being confident in what your told is correct.

Inida - Amritsar, Golden Temple

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What is your good name?

Have you ever had to wash human faeces off your shoe?

Welcome to India, where anything and everything is possible.

Just as you sit down for breakfast, the burning trash begins.
Pahar Ganj, Delhi - Burning Trash
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Burning out.

I recently reached a point in my travels where it became clear I couldn’t sustain what I was doing anymore.
A myriad of smaller reasons had manifested itself into a week of really not enjoying anything at all. The food, the places, the people, the freedom, it all sucked.

the shitty streets of Pahar Ganj, Delhi.

Death in Pahar Ganj. Delhi, India

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