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The cost of backpacking in Japan

Break open the piggy bank?

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Ljubljana [lub-lee-ahna], is the capital of Slovenia. But you knew that right?

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There were 3 things I wanted to do in England, this was one of them.

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What is your good name?

Have you ever had to wash human faeces off your shoe?

Welcome to India, where anything and everything is possible.

Just as you sit down for breakfast, the burning trash begins.
Pahar Ganj, Delhi - Burning Trash
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Namaste Nepal!

Leaving Melbourne winter and arriving in Kathmandu was something like being slapped around with a hot sweaty dusty doormat, and I really wasnt ready for it.
All of a sudden the 15oz Denim I was wearing seemed totally irrelevant and all I could think about was a shower and stripping down.
Within the first hour I did one of the most stupid things I’ve ever done in the history of traveling. I left my pack in the taxi whilst going in with the taxi’s tout dude to check out a hotel.
I was doing this just to shut him up and eventually as promised take me to theĀ  actual hotel I wanted.
So we’re in side for less than two minutes, come back out and the taxi is gone.
With a bunch of snickering construction workers milling about, the tout dude turns to me in response to my disdain, and says “owe my godt, were dis yaw buhg” it was so comical and surreal I had to stop myself from laughing. But I start to size up which part of his huge fat head I will attack.
After a few heated demands, he was legitimately(?) concerned for my bag and we begin running down the street after this taxi. I wonder how dumb we look to everyone around us, another sucker that fell for that scam? Or what the hell is going on there?
So the run ended up turning into us jumping into another taxi, and him directing in Nepali “follow that taxi!”, again too comical to be real and I start to wonder how I’m going to continue this trip without the contents of that bag.
We eventually catch taxi #1, with my bag still inside, and the whole thing turns out to be a mis-understanding. The taxi driver was new and didnt realize he was suppose to wait when we went into the touts hotel. And the tout (a government employee) was commending me for taking a registered taxi, not some random off the street. And “if dis was India, yaw buhg gone forever, bye bye buhg”.
Lesson learnt! Idiot.

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