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Law of the nomad

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A year on the road and counting.

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Locals gettin’ paid

If you kicked around Pahar Ganj long enough, you probably came across this guy.
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Tetris – level 29

Pieces of India that I couldn’t make fit –

New Delhi Train Station - India

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Khandela Haveli (and Jaipur).

We were quite excited about our time in Jaipur, gateway to the wild west of Rajasthan, Amber Fort and an old city that’s completely pink, but when we were dropped off at Khandela Haveli (, we had something else to be excited about..

Khandela Haveli, Jaipur - India

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the Taj.

Possibly our greatest day in India, the Taj was legit.

Agra, India - Taj Mahal, Hasselblad

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Destination India

One of the more confusing things when in Delhi is trying to arrange your onwards travel, and being confident in what your told is correct.

Inida - Amritsar, Golden Temple

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