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the Taj.

Possibly our greatest day in India, the Taj was legit.

Agra, India - Taj Mahal, Hasselblad

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We decided to go to Rishikesh for Diwali and to see the Ganges, except the only problem was we didn’t have enough time. The closest we could get was Haridwar, and upon reading that it was the much more spiritually significant than Rishikesh, and it was the beginning of the Ganges, it sounded a good option.

A 6 hour bus ride from hell, a 32 degree day, and a friend with an upset stomach, was far from desirable.

I rounded up the other two westerners in town and we sussed a private car.

Chandigarh - Haridwar, Private Car
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Even if your not a Architecture buff, Chandigarh is totally worth visiting, maybe because its so un-Indian, or maybe because its just a beautiful town.

Chandigarh, India - Capitol Complex, Secretariat

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