Destination India

One of the more confusing things when in Delhi is trying to arrange your onwards travel, and being confident in what your told is correct.

Inida - Amritsar, Golden Temple

There are countless fake ‘Government Approved’ Tourist Info places, Tuk-Tuk drivers will always take you to these.

Examples of fake “Government Approved” Tourist Offices.
Delhi, India - Fake Official Government Tourist Office

Delhi, India - Fake Official Government Tourist Office

But there is only 1 Official Government India Tourism office. That office is located at 88 Janpath Rd, and shown on the Lonely Planet Map of Connaught Place.
The fake offices will also go so far as to point on the map at that office, and tell you thats where your now standing.

The problem is though, they’re not really good for any info, can’t book you tickets, and basically just hand over a bunch of maps.

Official India Tourism shop front
Delhi, India - Official India Tourism Office

So what happens now?

You need to go to a legitimate Government Approved Tour Operator, the LP book says as much, but doesn’t list any! The easiest way to find these is by asking India Tourism Office when your there.

For us Destination India ( only 5 more doors down from India Tourism, and the logical choice.

They helped us sketch out our whole itinerary with room to move, booked all our train tickets in advance, recommend great hotels/guest houses within our budget, and were generally just the most informed/genuine Tourist Info people we have dealt with. Which in turn made the rest of the trip alot more relaxed as we had a time frame to stick to and knew that it could work.

Over the course of the weeks, we continually went back/called/emailed them to change our itinerary, and none of this was a problem either.

Destination India shop front. 5 doors down from India Tourism.
Delhi, India - Destination India Office

In a city that’s so chaotic, it gets quite hard to asses whats a legitimate business and whats not, based on our experiences though, I can only say Destination India is fortified, and were more than helpful attending to all our requests and inquiries.

4 Responses to “Destination India”

  1. 1 paula October 28, 2009 at 7:35 pm

    destination India… what a god send!

  2. 2 Wehrli Nathalie February 6, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    We can only confirm what we read here.
    We are a Swiss-French couple, travelling a lot. We spent 7 weeks in India Nov-Dec 2008 and it was wonderful, but only thanks the help and advices of Shafi Bilo, owner of the “Destination India Travel Centre” recommended on this blog. You can definitively trust them, and ONLY them.

    See our comment under:

  3. 3 Isabel And Renato from Brazil March 29, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    The whole trip was very good! We had a great experience traveling in India for 3 weeks. The service of Destination India was excelent and we had support in every issue that we needed. Our driver was very experienced and took us to many nice restaurants. We especially enjoyed the night in the desert and the Taj Mahal.

  4. 4 Kellen July 1, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    I’d also like to recommend Destination India. We just got back from a 1 week trip through Rajasthan and it was quite a memorable adventure indeed! All of our hotels were extremely comfortable given our budget, and our driver was both knowledgable and extremely friendly and accomodating. All in all we could not be more satisfied!

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